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    Geemed is established in 2010 and today is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of “Life Saving Medical saving and Disposables” to the healthcare industry, both domestically and internationally. The firm is formed to cater to the needs of the global healthcare industry for critical care products. The firm enjoys a highly market demands and all its products are well accepted throughout major hospitals, globally.

    Since our inception , we have surged ahead providing a comprehensive range of products covering range of products covering the therapeutic groups of Infusion Therapy , Anesthesia, Respiratory , Oxygen and Aerosol Hemodynamic Pressure Monitoring, Dialysis, Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery , Intravascular Catheters, Custom made –heart lung pack and many more.

    Firm has a full - fledged vertically integrated manufacturing facility, following strict GMP guidelines. We have facilities for in-house design, tooling, assembly, printing, packaging, sterilization and quality control. As experts in the manufacturing of single use, sterile, medical devices and disposables, we recognize the quality, safety and flexibility of use are of vital importance .That is why, every single product is made with close attention to details, offering a high standard of quality and safety. Continued commitments and investments in technology and innovation ensure that geemed products are delivered state of the art performance during function. Continuous market research, implementation of the latest technology developments at all levels, dedication to customer satisfaction and high quality standards constitute key factors in our growth.

    Our Certificates

    Our Technologies

    1. Plan

    Market investigation, orientation analysis and project plan.

    2. Input

    Product design and technology research.

    3. Output

    Product realization and production tests.

    4. Validation

    Product validations and tests.

    5. Transfer

    Batch production qualification and process improvement.

    6. Verification

    Clinical feedback and design optimization.